by MacAlpine


Interspan post-tension

Interspan post-tension slabs

The Victorian Government is investing $134.6 million to build a new aged care facility at the Kingston Centre in Cheltenham.

The facility represents a significant milestone in aged care infrastructure within Victoria. The 150-bed development is designed to deliver best-practice care in an environment that promotes independence and privacy and includes dementia-friendly features.

Icon is the main contractor and joins Monash Health and architect Clarke Hopkins Clarke as project partners. Consulting Engineer /Designer, FMG Engineering. Papworth Design is the landscape architect.

Interspan were engaged by the frame contractor- CK Formwork, to design and construct over 12,700 square meters of post-tensioned slabs.

In-house design capabilitiesSavings in post-tension and reinforcement quantities

One of the standout features of this development is its distinctive floor shape. The architectural design incorporates a star pattern featuring a central section and six branches radiating outward.

This unique layout adds aesthetic value and poses engineering challenges that were effectively addressed during the analysis and design phase.

Interspan also supplied, installed and grouted over 100 shear connectors and over 300 sleeved dowel bars for all temporary movement joints.

While no Value Engineering (VE) solution was offered externally, the Interspan project team leveraged in-house design capabilities to realize substantial post-tension and reinforcement quantities savings.

This contributed to cost efficiency and showcased the technical expertise of the team involved. The savings were achieved whilst adhering to tight deflection criteria for aged care hoists beneath all slabs.

Technical Collaboration

The Kingston Residential Aged Care Development is a testament to the successful collaboration between various stakeholders, from the main contractor and frame contractor to the specialist post-tension engineer. With its unique design features, technical excellence, and operational achievements, this project is poised to impact Victoria’s aged care infrastructure.

The project’s post-tension works commenced in November 2023, with a scheduled completion date in the second quarter of 2024.

Construction is expected to be completed in 2025 and will be operated by Monash Health.