by MacAlpine


Post-tensioning for Synnex

Innovative Post-Tensioning Solution

The Synnex Oakleigh Distribution Centre, located at 1126-1146 Centre Road, Oakleigh South, Victoria, is a significant commercial project that has caught the attention of industry experts and technology enthusiasts. With its impressive size of 19,465 square meters and its strategic location in Victoria, this state-of-the-art facility is the distribution hub for leading IT solutions aggregator Synnex Australia.

Designed by i2C and working with Vaughan Constructions and consulting engineer Van Der Meer, Interspan has tackled the challenge of meeting stringent criteria while optimizing material quantities and reducing embodied carbon in the post-tension works in this warehouse/distribution centre project.

Post Tensioning at its Finest

The core of Interspan’s contribution to the Synnex Oakleigh Distribution Centre lies in its design and construction of post-tensioned slabs. They have employed a combination of skill, experience, and innovative solutions to create a robust and cost-effective foundation for the facility.

Dowel and Sleeve Supply

Another feature of Interspan’s work at the Synnex Oakleigh Distribution Centre is the supply, installation, and grouting of Surelok 200S lockable dowels. Interspan strategically placed the dowels to address high lateral tensile loads around perimeter collector elements and high shear loads characteristic of a warehouse facility. This innovative approach helps ensure the structural integrity of the building while accommodating its unique operational requirements.

Operational Excellence

The Synnex Oakleigh Distribution Centre operates on a tight schedule, handling large zones of automated fulfilment using robots. This specialized operational need required Interspan to meet strict deflection criteria under various loading patterns, adding another layer of complexity to the project. Despite these challenges, Interspan’s team has demonstrated operational excellence, ensuring the distribution centre meets its operational requirements.

Cost-Effective Solutions

In addition to meeting the structural demands of the project, Interspan’s team also optimized costs by choosing a 15.2mm strand for post-tensioning. This decision reduced material, saving embodied carbon and streamlined the overall construction process, making it a win-win for the client.

Cutting-Edge Analysis and Design

Interspan relied on advanced analysis and design software, specifically RAM Concept and RAPT, to ensure the structural integrity of the post-tensioned slabs. This use of cutting-edge technology underscores their commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.

The Synnex Oakleigh Distribution Centre is a testament to Interspan’s post-tensioning and structural solutions capabilities.

The work will enable this impressive distribution centre to function seamlessly, accommodating robots and human workers in a fast-paced technology distribution environment. As the project nears its completion date, it will undoubtedly stand as a symbol of innovation and excellence in the commercial construction sector.

The project is due for completion by late August 2024.

Renders via i2C Architects.