by MacAlpine


Interspan- post-tensioning

Interspan design solution for a complex transfer slab.

Macquarie Park is Australia’s largest non-CBD office market and is well on track to becoming Australia’s fourth-largest commercial precinct by 2030.

The construction project at 388  Lane Cove Rd in Macquarie Park is a testament to innovation and precision in the construction industry.

Undertaken by Holdmark and in partnership with Veriu Hotels, this development is poised to reshape the landscape of Macquarie Park with its unique blend of hospitality, retail, and accommodation spaces, including a rooftop bar.

Interspan was tasked by Holdmark with the design and construction of post-tensioned slabs and played a pivotal role in the success of this project.

The project includes over 16,600 square meters of post-tensioned slab and over 20 storeys of meticulously designed spaces.

In-house Design team

One of the standout features of the project was the fusion of retail and hospitality spaces with a hotel that boasts a stunning rooftop bar.

The ground floor posed a unique challenge, requiring the construction of a complex transfer slab.

This challenge required Interspan’s in-house design team to utilise specialist design expertise and advanced software packages such as RAM Concept and RAPT to deliver optimal results in material quantities and buildability.

388 Lane Cove Rd Macquarie Park is a testament to collaborative ingenuity and innovation in the construction industry.

With its seamless blend of retail, hospitality, and accommodation spaces, the development will redefine the urban landscape of Macquarie Park and serve as a shining example of excellence in modern construction practices.

The post-tension works commenced in July 2022 and were completed by November 2023. The project is scheduled for practical completion in mid-2024, marking a significant milestone in the development of Macquarie Park.