Interspan Leeds Tech Campus

Post-tensioned floor slab strategy to reduce CO2 emissions

The Leeds Technology Campus Redevelopment, a dynamic fusion of modern design and sustainable practices, stands tall as a testament to innovation and environmental consciousness.

Interspan were engaged by McAleer & Rushe for the design and construct of over 14,500 square meters of post-tensioned slab. The development comprises 19 floors and hosts an impressive 514 residential units.

It also features a shared roof terrace on the 7th level and commercial units on the ground floor, making it a multifaceted space catering to the needs of residents and the local community.

Interspan’s approach converted the 225mm thick reinforced concrete slabs to 200mm thick post-tensioned slabs, reducing the project’s carbon footprint.  This change resulted in a substantial 340 cubic meters of concrete savings and led to a reduction in the amount of required reinforcement.

This reduction in slab thickness resulted in improved floor-to-ceiling heights, creating a more spacious and comfortable living environment for the students.

The sustainability-driven mindset of the Leeds Technology Campus project is evident through its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions.

By employing the post-tensioned floor slab strategy, the project achieved a remarkable reduction of over 120 tons of CO2 emissions during the construction phase.

To put this into perspective, this reduction is equivalent to the emissions generated by almost 150 flights between London and New York or the carbon output of over 40 average family cars running for a year.

This reduction underscores the project’s dedication to environmental responsibility and sets a noteworthy example for the construction industry.

The project demonstrated the potential for significant carbon footprint reductions by embracing post-tensioned slabs.

This forward-thinking approach showcases how creative construction methods can contribute to both architectural excellence and environmental stewardship. As the Leeds Technology Campus project nears its completion, it leaves behind a legacy of ingenuity and a blueprint for future sustainable developments.