by MacAlpine


meras dubai

A new car dealership in Dubai seems likely to draw as many envious looks for its spectacular design as the vehicles on display in its showroom.

The futuristic, glass-fronted design in the Meraas Estate required heavy service loads, which made designing the PP elements challenging. The total tonnage of the building is 68.231.

This is where Interspan’s experience and knowledge of post-tension techniques came into play and helped to make the ADE725,000 (AU$273,488) project possible.

The project at Ras Al Khor includes an office building with basement, ground and first floors as well as the roof, all of post-tensioned slab construction.

One part of the building is a warehouse, while the other houses offices. Both sections share a common basement. There is also a shed consisting of basement, ground and mezzanine levels.

The ground floor post-tension slab is uniquely designed by pattern loading and the live load is patterned as per the design standards.

The slab is heavily loaded at 50 Kpa, while the structural framing is a slab-beam system.

Interspan’s team designed a system that sees the load of the post-tension slab transferred to a post-tension beam, while the remaining floors are designed as a post-tension flat plate.

The 10,913mproject for Interspan’s UAE team is part of a development by Meraas Estates.

Interspan worked for Adnan Saffarini Architects and Engineering Consultants, which was, in turn, contracted to SBB Construction.

Structural work on the building is expected to be completed by May 2019.