Project Description

Bartholomew Row is a multistorey student accommodation building located in the City centre of Birmingham. The Grade II listed building was transformed into a 15-story student residential tower by APEC Architects. The project, also known as The Emporium, was constructed by the Shaylor Group, with Clark Mulhern executing the concrete frame.

PT Concrete Use at Bartholomew Road

The scheme was originally designed with spans of up to 8m with a 250mm thick reinforced concrete slab. Interspan proposed a slab thickness reduction to 200mm for the typical floors utilising bonded post-tensioned concrete. This resulted in a saving of 256 m3 of concrete over the 5000m^2 project.

The Interspan design team carried out the detailed design of the supporting columns as well as the post-tension floor slabs. The team at Interspan worked with Clark Mulhern on the 1 pour per level arrangement which allowed the 15 stories of slab works to be completed in 21 weeks. This was ahead of the program.

The structure comprised a slip-formed core, post-tensioned slabs, and pre-cast columns. The post-tension solution provided savings in reinforcement and concrete volume and therefore cranage lifts. In addition, the curing and striking periods were reduced by 2-3 days per floor.

Area 5,000m2