Project Description

Interspan’s Post-tension Expertise at Oran Park Stage 3A

The Oran Park Stage 3A project, located at 351 Oran Park Drive, Oran Park, New South Wales, is a testament to innovation and development in the commercial sector.

This ambitious Greenfields Development Company project promises to bring essential retail space to a rapidly evolving neighbourhood.

Mainbrace Constructions and Interspan, in collaboration with Van der Meer Consulting, have joined forces to make this vision a reality.

Mainbrace employed Interspan to design and construct post-tensioned slabs integral to the project.

Setting the Stage for Progress

Oran Park Stage 3A covers a sprawling area of 30,152 square meters across two levels: the Ground Floor and the First Floor. The $100m expansion project focuses on providing critical retail space to a developing neighbourhood.

Paving the Way for Essential Retail Space

The project’s strategic location is designed to meet the increasing demand for essential services.

Interspan – Precision Engineering & Operational Excellence

To meet the exacting standards of this project, Interspan utilized advanced analysis and design software, including RAM Concept slab design.

Interspan’s commitment to excellence is evident in the quality of work and ensuring that the project is completed on time and meets the highest industry standards.

The Oran Park, Stage 3A project, represents a beacon of progress and development, addressing the growing need for essential retail services in a thriving neighbourhood. As the project progresses towards its practical completion at the end of 2023, it is poised to be a cornerstone of the community, offering vital services and contributing to the continued growth of Oran Park.