Project Description

Post-tensioning for landmark Melbourne project

Malvern Collective, a landmark mixed-use residential project located in the vibrant suburb of Malvern, Victoria, epitomizes modern architectural ingenuity. 

Developed by Kokoda Property with architects Jackson Clements Burrows Architects (JCBA) and Crema Constructions the Builder.

Interiors by the Carr Design Group were inspired by five-star hotels from around the world to create residences that blend international design thinking with contemporary luxury. 

Post-tensioning and Interspan Design Expertise

With 43,475 square meters of post-tensioned slabs, this development integrates residential living with commercial spaces, setting a new standard for urban design.

Interspan’s use of advanced software like RamConcept and RAPT, coupled with our in-house engineering expertise, revolutionized the design process. This innovative approach led to significant savings in post-tension and reinforcement quantities, surpassing the results of a conventional construct-only solution.

Interspan meticulously also designed, supplied, installed and grouted over 3,750 dowel bars to mitigate the influence of restraint as a function of the capping beams, retention system, precast panels, and adjacent slabs. 

Additionally, Interspan provided and installed nearly 1,000 shear connectors for Temporary Movement Joints.

During the design process, Interspan dealt with complex loadings on multiple transfer decks, demonstrating its ability to handle intricate engineering challenges.

Melbourne Design Awards 2023

The project’s innovative design, aided by Interspan’s contributions, earned gold at the Melbourne Design Awards in the Architecture-Proposed category, awarded by Better Future.

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing, and constructing form, space, and ambiance that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. Consideration is given to material selection, technology, light, and shadow. 


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  • Increased clear spans
  • Thinner slabs
  • Lighter structures; reduced floor dead loads
  • Reduced cracking and deflection
  • Reduced storey height
  • Rapid construction
  • Large reduction in conventional reinforcement
  • Higher degree of crack control