Project Description

Innovation and precision in post-tension works.

Elizabeth North Stage 2, located at 655 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, is a testament to innovation and precision in post-tension works. 

This massive $100M project, which contains over 47,500 square meters of post-tensioned slab, is the global headquarters of CSL.

CSL is a leading global biotechnology company with a dynamic portfolio of lifesaving medicines, including those that treat haemophilia and immune deficiencies and vaccines to prevent influenza.

Elizabeth North Stage 2 in Melbourne is a remarkable construction project that has successfully combined the challenges of stringent vibration criteria, specialized construction techniques, and a commitment to high-quality standards. 

This project demonstrates Interspan’s capacity to deliver efficient post-tension design and construction solutions that benefit the project as a whole and set a new benchmark for excellence in construction in Victoria.

 Main Contractors and Builders

The driving force behind this construction marvel is Roberts Co, the main contractor and builder of Elizabeth North Stage 2. 

The frame contractor, I&D Group, was pivotal in realizing the project’s structural vision. I&D Group was responsible for employing Interspan’s expertise for the post-tension works, highlighting a collaborative approach to ensure excellence in this critical aspect.

 Interspan In-house Design Capabilities

Although a Value Engineering (VE) solution was not formally employed, the project achieved savings in post-tension and reinforcement quantities by leveraging Interspan’s in-house design capabilities. 

Interspan utilized the latest 2D and 3D finite element analysis software packages to help provide a tailored and effective solution.

Construction challenges

One of the standout features of this project is its stringent vibration criteria due to the presence of cutting-edge laboratories within the facility. The requirement for low vibration levels, especially in laboratory spaces, posed a unique challenge for the construction team. Additionally, a significant engineering feat was the execution of a big transfer on a cantilever, a testament to the engineering prowess of the project team.

 Work commenced on the 5-star Green Star-rated project in February 2020, with completion in mid-2022.

The post-tension works for Elizabeth North Stage 2 commenced in November 2020, with completion achieved by November 2021, demonstrating remarkable efficiency in meeting the project timeline.