Project Description

Post-tension works for Public Housing Renewal Program

In the vibrant heart of Prahran, Victoria, the Public Housing Renewal Program represents a significant urban transformation.
One of the standout projects within this initiative is the redevelopment of Bangs Street, where a visionary renewal effort is taking shape.

Interspan, a global leader in post-tensioning products and solutions, brought their expertise to the table by taking charge of the post-tension works.
The scope of their involvement encompassed the design and construction of over 46,500 square meters of post-tensioned beams and slabs, a critical component in modern construction known for its efficiency.

The Bangs St redevelopment project has been challenging.

The project had over 5,000 square meters of basement slab and over 7000 square meters of ground level slab, both of which required careful consideration of restraint forces and the supply, installed and grouted over 3,700 dowel bar sleeves from the retention systems to ensure the compressive force could get into the slabs. The Ground Floor Transfer Plate also had 6 apartment blocks loading on top, and part of the Ground floor was designed to be used as a Loading Bay.

The intricate design, coupled with heavy transfer loads on the ground floor, demanded a high-quality design and installation.

One of the project’s remarkable achievements was the adherence to tight design and build timelines.

With the post-tension works initiated in September 2022 and concluding in June 2023, the Interspan team has displayed exceptional dedication. The total project is estimated to be completed in 2024. While the technical achievements of the Bangs St redevelopment are impressive, its real impact lies in revitalizing the community.
The Public Housing Renewal Program envisions not just structures but also a thriving neighbourhood.
This project aligns perfectly with the program’s goals by providing modern, sustainable, and functional living spaces.
As the sounds of construction echo through the streets of Prahran, the Bangs St redevelopment stands tall as a symbol of innovation, collaboration, and community-centric development.
With its completion on the horizon, this project is poised to change lives, elevate communities, and inspire the construction landscape as a whole.

Area 46,500
Completed 2024