Project Description

Post-tensioning for Build-to-Rent Market

Greystar, the South Carolina-based real estate giant, is quietly carving out a big share of Australia’s burgeoning build-to-rent market. It has interests in three states. The US’s biggest apartment operator appointed Icon to build its $500-million residential project in South Melbourne’s Fishermans Bend precinct.

The Greystar Gladstone project is a landmark development that exemplifies modern residential living while prioritizing sustainability and innovative design. With the combined expertise of Icon Co, I&D Group, and Interspan, this development is poised to become a model for future urban residential projects in Victoria and beyond.

With 700 apartments across three towers plus 850sq m retail space, the project will become one of Australia’s biggest purpose-built build-to-rent developments.

Located at 15-85 Gladstone Street, South Melbourne, Victoria, the Greystar Gladstone project is setting a new standard in sustainable residential living. This ambitious development is managed by Icon Co, with Interspan playing a crucial role in the design and construction of post-tensioned slabs.

Interspan Post-tensioning expertise

I&D Group engaged Interspan to execute the post-tension works for the Greystar Gladstone development.

With 82,627 square meters of post-tensioned slab, Greystar Gladstone is a testament to innovative engineering and sustainable building practices.

One of the standout engineering achievements of the Greystar Gladstone project is the incorporation of a steel bridge between Tower A and Tower B, demonstrating the project’s complexity and the high level of coordination required.

Post-tensioning + cost savings

Interspan utilised their in-house engineering expertise and cutting-edge software in Ram Concept to optimize the design process, achieving significant savings in post-tension and reinforcement quantities versus the construct-only solution.

Interspan meticulously also designed, supplied, installed and grouted over 600 dowel bars to mitigate the influence of restraint as a function of the capping beams, retention system, precast panels, and adjacent slabs. Additionally, Interspan provided and installed over 300 shear connectors for Temporary Movement Joints.

Sustainability and Innovation

Greystar Gladstone is not just another residential development; it is a forward-thinking project that emphasises sustainability and innovation.

The development consists of 700 rental apartments distributed across three towers, connected by a five-level podium. The buildings aim to be powered solely by renewable energy, with solar panels installed on the rooftops contributing to their energy needs.

The development includes a state-of-the-art recycled water system to reduce water consumption, and multiple charging points for electric vehicles are provided, promoting the use of green transportation.


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  • Increased clear spans
  • Thinner slabs
  • Lighter structures; reduced floor dead loads
  • Reduced cracking and deflection
  • Reduced storey height
  • Rapid construction
  • Large reduction in conventional reinforcement
  • Higher degree of crack control