by MacAlpine


Bourke & Bowden post-tensioning

Bourke & Bowden NSW Tops Out | Construction Video from Hickory

March 2024

Post-tension works for ‘a most ambitious and future-forward building’.

Joined by diversifying developers, Time and Place, alongside John Wardle Architects and Hickory (Builders), Interspan has helped transform an 8,089 sqm site to create a community hub.

Bourke and Bowden is located in Alexandria, just 4km south of Sydney’s CBD. The office space, with interiors designed by Flack Studios, will encourage “a workplace community with touchless digitally enabled infrastructure, flexible working zones, a large street-level culinary experience, central courtyard, and rooftop entertaining area.
Design-led social amenity offers the contemporary worker outdoor areas, mixed mode areas, traditional office spaces, and connection to a thriving local community.”

27,000 sqm post-tensioning works

Interspan’s role in the project involved the supply and installation of post-tensioned slabs, a critical element in ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of the building. 

Builders Hickory entrusted Interspan with the crucial task of post-tensioning works for this ambitious five-storey, spanning over 27,000 sqm, and seamlessly combines offices and retail spaces. 

As a testament to the project’s intricacy, Interspan supplied 750 vertical dowels to the Capping Beam, 195 SureLoks to the ground floor Temporary Movement Joint (TMJ), and 682 Horizontal Flat Duct Dowels to TMJs Level 1 and above.