Multi-Strand Tensioning Systems

Multi-Strand Tensioning

Tensioning for bridges and concrete tanks

Multi-strand tensioning is a popular method for applying stress to large-scale civil engineering structures such as bridges and concrete tanks.

The application of post-tensioning in the design of a bridge can offer savings in terms of project materials. Reductions in concrete volumes can be achieved with lower levels of reinforcement due to the compressive force increasing the section tensile capacity.

Material savings can also mean reducing the labour required during construction, which leads to simpler and faster execution.

Interspan has extensive experience in the supply and installation of post-tensioning works in bridges, using state-of-the-art equipment to apply uniform stress to the separate strands of the tendon simultaneously.

With pre-stressing forces often exceeding 400 tonnes, our methods ensure efficient transfer of loads and that the highest quality standards are met for maximising the whole-life durability of your asset.